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Are you still using that default Mac wallpaper? Really? Don’t you get bored of it? Of course, you do. But like many of us, you gave up on hunting awesome wallpapers, curating a collection and remembering to cycle through them. You did that when you had all the time in the world. You don’t now. All you want to do is get to the Mac and start working.

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But having an awesome wallpaper greet you now and then isn’t such a bad thing. And you’ll be happy to know that there are awesome apps that deliver hand curated, spectacular art right to your desktop every day or so. And you don’t even need to pay for most of them. Just download the app, and forget about it.

Screensavers for mac free download - Beach Screensavers, Sunsets Screensavers, Windows XP Winter Fun Pack Screensavers, and many more programs. Publisher: New York Times Digital Downloads: 21,377. The screensavers on the new Apple TV are stunning. Apple sent film crews airborne all across the world to capture some incredible footage to bring to the new Apple TV.

Intrigued? Read on.

Screensavers Planet » Screensavers Screensavers for Mac. Page 9 Showing 192-239 of 239 screensavers (clear filters) Liverpool FC: Classic Goals 165x Free, for Mac. Better Call Saul: Live Cam 495x Free, for Mac. AlphaBaby 66x Free, for Mac. Giphy 347x Free, for Mac. Vanderbilt University 53x Free, for Mac. IScreensaver Designer 6: Make screensavers for macOS and Windows using your Video and Images. High Performance WebGL animation engine supports 4K images and UHD screens. Truly cross-platform (build on your Mac for Windows, build using Windows for Macs). Free trial download, and generous non-commercial discounts available.

1. Unsplash Wallpaper

When we did our royalty free stock photos roundup, Unsplash came on top. Unsplash is a website that features 10 new images every 10 days. And trust me, they’re awesome. They’re well above full HD, Retina compatible and most of them make for beautiful backgrounds.

You could just browse the website and manually get the wallpapers. Or install their Unsplash Wallpaper app. It’s a free menu bar utility that will cycle new wallpapers every 12 hours or when you ask it to. You can also save wallpapers. The app has the ability to automatically change the menu bar theme to dark mode when the wallpaper is dark as well.

If you want beautiful wallpapers delivered to you every single day without you having to lift so much as a finger, install Unsplash.

2. Padbury Clock Screen saver

Padbury Clock Screen saver is a classic. It’s great for people with iMacs which they never shut down. Install this screen saver and after the set time, the monitor will show the current time in big bold beautiful letters.

Here’s how you install new screen savers. Just download the zip file. Unzip it and you’ll see a .saver file. Double-click it and you’ll be asked to install it. That’s it.

Then find it in Desktop & Screen Saver option in System Preferences.

In Padbury Clock’s case, you can change some settings like switch to dark mode, enable time separators, use red fonts at night and more.

Our wallpaper collection: Here are Guiding Tech, we curate wallpapers of all sorts. Check out our roundups for Marvel wallpapers, epic satellite wallpapers and Material Design wallpapers for Android.

3. Dribbble Screensaver

This one’s for all the designers around. Dribbble is like design porn. And this screen saver will bring all that beautiful and flat design inspiration right to your monitor when it’s been idle for more than your set time.

4. Wallpaper by Behance

Behance is where creative professionals of all sorts share their work. This includes everyone from designers to photographers. And a lot of the art featured at Behance makes for amazing, breathtaking wallpapers.

Wallpapers by Behance is a menu bar utility that lets you browse wallpapers from the drop-down menu. You can directly add an image as a wallpaper or appreciate it on Behance. The app can also automatically change wallpapers daily/weekly/monthly.

5. Kuvva Wallpapers

Kuvva is the only paid app on this list. It costs $4.99 because the Kuvva site itself believes in paying designers and photographers for their art. This means when you pay for Kuvva, you get some of the top art out there. The stuff from designers that they wouldn’t put out for free.

I encourage you go to Kuvva, look at some sample wallpapers. They’ve got some of the most spectacular polygonal and minimal art wallpapers I’ve ever seen.

What’s Your Current Wallpaper?

What wallpaper are you rocking right now? Share with us in the forum section below.

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This screensaver brings all of the screensavers included in the Apple TV media device, featuring aerial views of New York, San Francisco, China, Hawaii and other places (by day and/or night), to your Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows computer. The screensaver features automatic updates of the latest available videos, an option to show a different aerial view whenever it starts, and the ability to add specific views to a list of favorites. Requires OS X version 10.9 (Mavericks) or newer, or Windows version 7, 8 or 10.

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How to turn it on or off?12 months ago
How to use different video files14 months ago
How do I make the options available?311 months ago
i-Mac gets stuck running Aerial screensaver31 year ago
Doesn't work after WIN 10 April update62 years ago
Screensaver only works when I have the clock on.32 years ago
Aerial screensaver13 years ago
Aerial Screensaver13 years ago

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Installation instructions

Microsoft Windows

  1. Extract the screensaver file from the AerialScreensaverWin.zip file you downloaded to the Windows folder on your hard drive, then right-click it and select 'Install'.

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We have 2 files for 'Apple TV Aerial Views'

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User reviews (42)


by RIRO on September 12, 2020

It was just giving me a black screen.

by Amanda on September 3, 2020

One of the best one but there should be 4k version.

by talhaboy on August 2, 2020

the screensaver is amazing but there is a small text that actually bothers me though, could anyone help me eradicate that texts? thank you

by Satria A on June 18, 2020

I love it!

by Meesh on May 18, 2020

best but, not work on catalina

by bane on January 7, 2020

is not working at catalina, help

New Screensaver For Macbook Pro

by fahri on January 3, 2020

Says Windows Media Player can't play the file.

by David on November 11, 2019

It's Great

by David on August 7, 2019


by none on June 26, 2019


by Amiganer84 on January 23, 2019

Using it on Macbook Air with Mojave 10.14.2. The screen just goes blank when the screensaver is about to start. Any idea why?

by Abhishek Mitra on January 22, 2019

Screensaver Filename: Aerial.scr
VirusTotal: 0
Score: 4 / 5
Tested on: 2019-01-09
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro (full updated)

Need a good PC to run this one.

by Joe Dirt on January 9, 2019

Have I done it wrong? Downloading Aerial.saver.zip, unzipping ... Contents folder does not have .saver file. Tried to simply rename .saver.zip to .saver, does not work either

by matricaria on December 18, 2018

Awesome screensaver. If you're looking for an up-to date version of this screensaver with 4K videos and many other features, visit the project homepage to download: https://github.com/JohnCoates/Aerial

by tim on November 20, 2018

Is there any way to make it offline? Or download just 2-3 video and set its path within the app? It's bit disappointing that I need to connect to internet everytime to use this.

by Harry on October 6, 2018

It is - or rather was - truly stunning screensaver, however as soon as you move to Mojave (am on the latest Beta version) it ceases to function!!

by Howard on July 7, 2018

Great screen saver. However, I am beta testing MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) and the screen saver does not work with that version. It will need to be updated.

by Ken Smith on June 26, 2018

Running MacBookPro14,2 with macOs 10.13.5 (17F77) I've experienced total jamming after a few seconds of beautiful scenery view. Looked like synchronisation issue of display, healed as soon as clock is set to be displayed. Then, just awesome!

by Eva on June 18, 2018

This screen saver is not working on my Windows 10 machine. I think it would be very beautiful, but can't get it to work.

by Juan Rodriguez on June 9, 2018

Not working, any special requirements

New screensaver for macbook pro
by Rassie on May 12, 2018

Hands down, this is THE BEST SCREENSAVER I have ever come across.

by Jamillos on May 4, 2018

Great screensaver but only works while clock is displayed.

by Francis on April 30, 2018

This screensaver is excellent and is an amazing piece of software. However i had discovered a bug where certain screensavers appear to shake in a glitchy fashion. Almost as if it it is trying to adjust to a different screen resolution. I would really like this fixed to have a perfect screensaver.

by Sergey on January 9, 2018

its pretty good

by charlie on January 5, 2018

This is amazing as the other have said just tried it quickly and it is great - you get short Aerial videos each time. Great on a big retina screen.

by DRS on October 13, 2017

The most breathtaking screensaver in full performance.

by Mirza on September 30, 2017

This screensaver is BREATHTAKING on Windows 10, especially with a nice size display. Make sure to follow the instructions on unzipping a file. Enjoy!

by Hey! on September 12, 2017

I love the pictures, but i wish I knew where these places were! I suggest adding the information at the bottom
Of the screen!

by Kim Cromer on August 20, 2017

I was awestruck. It's so beautiful <3.

by Priya Thomas on June 22, 2017

I never give feedback on anything online. This screen saver is outrageously awesome!

by Brandon on May 23, 2017

It is the most incredible screensaver I have ever seen! Gold star for the people behind it. I'm totally blown away!!!

by IONAZ on May 11, 2017

When Windows Firewall blocks everything, then this screensaver gets an error message and cuts!

Screensavers Planet: The high-quality videos are much too large in file size to be included in the download here, so the screensaver streams them from Apple's servers. If you block its connection to the internet, the Aerial Views screensaver will not work.

by KC on May 10, 2017

Nice views

by Xicocf on March 18, 2017

Amazingly beautiful. Putting this on my 55' tv in my living room while music plays on my stereo is great for entertaining. Love it.

by DJ Junior on February 17, 2017

Mac Screensaver Download


New Screensaver For Mac Os

by yakov rosner on February 10, 2017


by danny on December 30, 2016

perfect best screen saver

by Amazing on November 26, 2016

Guau... It's amazing!!!

by raul on October 29, 2016

Gorgeous, but on Windows 10 my monitor stays on indefinitely, ignoring its auto-off setting. It's only supposed to do that when viewing full-screen video, not for screensavers.

by Steve G on September 4, 2016

mi piace , ma questo screensaver dovrebbe includere l'Italia

by serena marchesa on June 27, 2016


by John on March 21, 2016

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