Avermedia Volar T2 For Mac

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Avermedia Volar T2 For Mac

Avermedia Volar Max Windows 10

Intuitive User Interface and 3D Display Mode

Avermedia Volar T2 For Macro

  • With frequently-used buttons located on the toolbar, the intuitive user interface allows you to switch channels or adjust volume as easily as any TV. For optimal 3DTV viewing experience, view 3DTV with NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit.

Exclusive Color Enhancement Tool

Avermedia volar t2 for macroAvermedia Volar T2 For Mac

AVerTV Hybrid Volar M is perfect for Mac users in the TV signal transition from analog to digital, or fond of traveling around. There's no need to choose between those two signal systems. AVerTV Volar HD PRO - A835 AVerTV Volar Green HD (Eastern European only) - A835 AVerTV Volar HD - A835 AVerTV Volar HD 2 - TD110 AVerMedia TD310 - TD310 AVerTV Hybrid Volar HD - H830 AVerTV Hybrid Volar T2 - H831 AVerTV Volar Hybrid Q - H837. Get TV on your notebook with AVerMedia's Hybrid Volar Max. This USB 2.0 interface tuner has support for ATSC over the air and Clear QAM cable digital TV signals. HDTV up to 720p/1080i is supported. There is also an FM Stereo tuner and a Vista Sidebar Gadget to control it.

  • The color enhancement feature adjusts video quality while displaying each hue with sharp vividness. De-interlacing with a smooth edge option produces high video quality without depleting CPU resources.

Avermedia Volar Hybrid

Exclusive Mobile App


Avermedia Volar T2 For Macbook

  • Enhance your viewing experience with HomeFree TV, the mobile app created exclusively for AVerTV. Connect up to 5 devices per card and view any show from your phone or tablet. Channels can also be keyed into the device or selected from the menu for more options.